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If you’ve been following the rise of Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency over the last several years then you may have started looking into crypto arbitrage trading (and traditional cryptocurrency trading as well). The truth is, the processes tend to look quite complicated for those who haven’t tried them out before but those who have realize that there’s not as much too it as all that. It can actually be a simple process, as long as you know where to start and you have a little bit of a guide to jump start you.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Let’s start from the very beginning, shall we? Let’s delve right into what cryptocurrency actually is and why you should be checking it out for yourself. Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency (Diekun, 2018). That’s really all there is to it. But the process by which it’s used is a little more involved than that. Everything is handled online and that means everything is handled through an encryption process that regulated the units or currencies. Not only that but that encryption operates as a sort of bank for the currency itself.

When it comes to actually using this type of currency, however, it’s a little different than you might expect. You don’t really buy anything with cryptocurrency and ‘cashing out’ isn’t quite the same as if you invest within the traditional stock market. But what you will find is that cryptocurrency is somewhat like playing the investment market of international money. Many people buy and sell money from different countries and with the various different types of currency available on the cryptocurrency market, it operates on a similar path.

Making Money off of Cryptocurrency

One of the biggest ways that you’re going to make money with cryptocurrency is to actually trade it (Deikun, 2018). You can purchase the coins that you want if you prefer or you can trade them between different types of coins. With this process you’re going to be sort of playing the stock market. You invest in one currency and hope that it increases in value so that you can sell it and purchase a different low priced currency. The process continues on and on until you’re ready to get out of the market.

Some people actually accept payments for goods or services directly in the form of cryptocurrency (Deikun). While this can be somewhat risky because of the volatility of the coins, it can also be very profitable if the value of the coins that you accept goes up before you decide to cash them out. It’s going to be up to you to be aware of the current market value of different currencies and to make a deal with the other person that’s fair to both of you. You want to get the accurate value in coins for whatever you provided to them and they don’t want to overpay you for your services.

For those who want to get involved in cryptocurrency trading but aren’t sure about taking risks (which trading definitely is) there’s the option to just hold your coins. It’s not going to be a super profitable investment if you’re just buying currency and then holding onto it, but if you’re willing to be patient and wait a few years you’re definitely going to see some benefits. You’re just going to have to practice patience. Not everyone even sees benefits or improvements with this type of practice anymore either. In fact, since 2018 numbers have been falling, and that’s why more people are getting involved in the trade.

What is Crypto Arbitrage Trading?

The first thing we should take a look at is what exactly is crypto arbitrage trading? This type of trading relies on price differences between different types of cryptocurrency. With this type of trading you’re going to buy cryptocurrency and then sell it on a different exchange (Lielacher, 2019). That might sound a little bit strange or a little confusing, but it’s actually all about paying attention to how much each currency sells for on different exchanges, which may have the same currencies available, but at different rates.

If cryptocurrency A is available at $12 on exchange 1 and $13 on exchange 2 you would purchase from exchange 1 and immediately sell to exchange 2. You’re going to increase your profit and make a little bit of extra money in just a short amount of time. You’re not going to make huge amounts of money with each trade, but you’re definitely going to make something and that’s what is going to make this process worth your while (Lielacher, 2019). After all, you have to be right on top of everything and watching your screens in order to catch those price differences.

Ethereum Price Difference

Benefits of Arbitrage Trading

The biggest benefit that you’re going to get with this type of trading is that you can make a decent amount of money and you’re not going to have to put a whole lot of work into it. Everyone wants money that’s easy to get, right? Well, with this type of trading all you need to do is buy and sell at the right time. Of course, that’s going to be easier said than done and you’ll know that if you’ve ever actually played the stock market. Timing is going to be absolutely everything, but since all of the information is right in front of you, there’s no guessing involved (The Benefits of Arbitrage, 2019).

The fact that you know the buy and sell price at the moment and you’re working in the moment means that you’re not quite getting the same risk as you would in the stock market (The Benefits of Arbitrage, 2017). You are still going to have to pay close attention though and we’ll talk more about just why and how as we move through this article. Just know that it’s going to require you to be observant and while that’s the primary factor that will determine your success, it’s easy to fall into complacency or to simply miss something that should have been obvious if you were watching.

Drawbacks of Arbitrage Trading

Okay, so if it’s really that easy to go about crypto arbitrage trading why isn’t everyone doing it? The truth is that everything you do in the trading world has drawbacks (or anything else for that matter) and arbitrage is no different. For some people, the drawbacks are just not worth it because the main drawback that you’re going to find is that this type of trading takes a whole lot of your time. You’re not just making trades once in a while with this process, you’re making them constantly and you need to be on top of the pricing.

With this type of trading you need a lot of time because you’re going to have to keep track of the money in your account and then make sure that you’re allowed to withdraw or deposit different types of cryptocurrency when you make a trade. You’ll also need to invest time in checking transfer costs associated with each transaction and of course you’ll need to spend a whole lot of time actually monitoring and comparing different prices across different exchanges. That’s going to take the most time because you’ll need to be on constantly to take advantage of the most changes.

Where Mistakes Happen

When it comes to mistakes they’re another thing that happens all the time. We all make mistakes that sometimes cost us a little and sometimes cost us a lot. When it comes to cryptocurrency trading and arbitrage trading it’s important to pay close attention to what you’re doing at all times so you can mitigate the losses that you’re going to suffer. Making mistakes could be the difference between an awesome deal and one that actually costs you a whole lot more than it earns you. Fortunately, watching closely can forestall most of these.

The biggest mistake that many people make is confusing the different types of cryptocurrency. It’s easy for your mind to play tricks on you and before you know it you’re purchasing ABC currency and not realizing that the currency selling price you’re looking at is for BAC (CryptoArbTrader, 2018). That’s a mistake that can cost you a whole lot of money because whatever you purchase in ABC currency isn’t going to be worth what you thought it was and you could end up selling at a loss or even just wasting your time on making the purchase and then turning around and selling for an even trade.

Not checking the transfer time is another big problem for many getting started with this process. If you look at the transfer time for a purchase or sale you may see that it actually takes a number of days for it to process CryptoArbTrader, 2018). Unfortunately, you may not get the price that you want within that amount of time. The best thing you should be doing is looking at the confirmation time and the number of confirmations that are waiting to see how long it’s going to take for your transaction to go through (and do it before you actually make that transaction).

The next big mistake is that many people don’t pay attention to their wallet. Your wallet can easily be blocked for deposits or withdrawals and if you’re not paying attention and try to send something to that blocked wallet you could lose out on your capital. In fact, there could be a forfeiture or a freeze on that capital. That’s definitely not something you’re going to want to happen to you. So make sure you know that the wallets you’re using are active and in good working order before you do anything else.

Getting Started Right

If you’re ready to get started you can definitely jump into crypto arbitrage trading in no time at all. It may seem like a lot, but once you actually get the hang of it you’re going to be more than happy that you did and you’re going to think it’s a snap. Okay, maybe you won’t think it’s quite that easy, but you’re going to be making some good money for paying attention and that’s definitely a great way to go. You can also opt for professional software pieces (like Arbinox) that will help you find the right trades to make or even get more information and advice about how to get started.

In fact, Arbinox will do more than just tell you what’s out there. It’s going to scan and analyze all of the information available about the different currencies and it’s going to help you to develop positive strategies to get you off on the right foot. It’s even going to give you advice about whether you should buy or sell a specific type of currency and what things have looked like on the market from the last 24 hours. The idea is that you’re going to be able to make some big profits just by looking at the charts and systems available through Arbinox.

The process of crypto arbitrage trading requires someone to be paying attention and this software can be your eyes. It monitors 9 of the major exchanges, so you’re getting the most accurate and comprehensive results and it even gives you real-time information, the last hour, the last day and the last month. From there, you’re getting charts that you can read and review in no time at all. With all of the analytics and information available you’re going to want to be working on this all the time.

With any form of cryptocurrency trading you need to make sure you have the right tools and the right background of information. It might take a bit for you to learn what you need to know about cryptocurrency trading or about arbitrage trading, but once you get started with Arbinox you’re going to know that you’re in the right place and that you’re getting the best advice you possibly can. After all, you want to make sure that you’re making as much money as you can on the market, right?

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