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  • Synchronization with Arbinox - Manage your trading bot from Arbinox personal account
  • Spread Feed Scanning over 1000 QP - Scan a large number of Quad Pairs to find arbitrage situations.
  • Smart trading process algorithms - Automatic synchronization and placement of multidirectional trading orders
  • Neutral Position Integrity Check - Automatic verification and closure of risks associated with partial orders execution
  • Verification of tradeable volumes - Checking volumes in the trading process, available for QP

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  • 1 year ago Update PLNX: updated due to API changes on the exchange. Attention: previously entered PLNX keys on the "Connections" page must be re-entered.
  • 1 year ago Update When placing adjustment orders, additional checks have been added to equalize the balance so that adjustment orders are placed no more than 1 time per minute for each quad pair.
  • 1 year ago Fixed Fixed an error where sometimes updated data on weighted average session prices were not sent to the Arbinox server for some exchanges (for example, BTHB).
  • 1 year ago Fixed BYBT: Added time synchronization error handling with the Bybit server.
  • 1 year ago Add Added exchange support
  • 1 year ago Fixed Fixed a bug where the bot "hung up" at the time of clearing the order cache.
  • 1 year ago Update Optimized the response rate from the bot during the deletion of a slot for which the session has not yet been opened.
  • 1 year ago Fixed At the close of the session, if there is not enough balance on the exchange where the purchase part of the transaction was carried out for some reason, then the sale part will still be carried out, but only on the existing balance (previously the sale part fell into error, and the whole session "hung up").
  • 2 years ago Update BTFX: due to restrictions on the number of API requests, the bot monitors the frequency of requests sent. If this frequency becomes more frequent than 1 time per second, then the bot blocks its activity with the exchange before sending the next request, but not for more than 0.5 seconds.
  • 2 years ago Update BTFX: when sending a request to the exchange and receiving a message from it {"message":"your request Too Fast,...,"success":false,"code":"10204"}, a repeated call of the same API method is sent to the exchange after 2 seconds.
  • 2 years ago Add BTFX: added processing of messages from the exchange
  • 2 years ago Update updates in the trading algorithm
  • 2 years ago Add Added support for the 1INCH cryptocurrency and all other currencies with a 5-digit name. Attention: at the moment, there is no 1INCH trading on the following exchanges via the API: BTRX, BITF, DGFX, HOBI.
  • 2 years ago Fixed BTFX: fixed an error that could manifest itself in incorrect processing of executed order data.
  • 2 years ago Add OKEX: added output to the log of additional messages in connection with an unresolved situation when, for several days, under the same conditions (the same currency and volume), orders were accepted by the exchange in some cases, and in others, all information about them disappeared.
  • 2 years ago Add OKEX: added support for DOT and SOL cryptocurrencies.
  • 2 years ago Add Bybit: An additional condition has been added to perform the procedure for checking the imbalance of quad pairs due to the fact that there was a situation in which the exchange did not return a response for more than 1.5 minutes during the placement of the order.
  • 2 years ago Add Added a detailed log of actions that occur from the moment the signal is received to the opening of the session on both exchanges.
  • 2 years ago Update Some "bottlenecks" have been changed during the opening of the session during signal processing in order to increase performance.
  • 2 years ago Add Huobi: added handling of the "account-frozen-account-inexistent-error" error that comes from the exchange.
  • 2 years ago Fixed Bittrex: fixed an error that occurs when deleting an order that was not executed for a certain time (about 1 minute), which led to the fact that this order was processed later when the bot already "considered" this order canceled.
  • 2 years ago Update Bittrex: The secret key from the API is encrypted in RAM. Attention: previously entered BTRX keys on the "Connections" page must be entered again!
  • 2 years ago Fixed Huobi: fixed an error in which, due to a lack of balance after the loan was executed (borrow), two sell orders of the same volume were placed at once instead of one.
  • 2 years ago Update BNNC: when placing an order, the value of the timeInForce parameter has been changed from IOC to GTC.
  • 2 years ago Fixed BTHB: fixed an error when placing the BTHB_xxxx-BTC_USDT slot, in which the value 0.001 BTC was taken as the minimum volume. Now the correctness of the volume is checked with the filters provided by the exchange.
  • 2 years ago Update OKEX: trading has been redesigned to use a cross-account.
  • 2 years ago Add Added Bybit support.
  • 2 years ago Add OKEX: added support for TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2 protocols (relevant for Windows Server 2019)
  • 2 years ago Fixed Fixed a bug when, after entering new keys on the "Connections" page, the message "Bad Data" appeared and the keys should have been re-entered. This bug appeared on the exchanges, such as Huobi and OKEX, whose secret keys are encrypted in RAM in order to protect against possible scanning by viruses. Attention! This doesn't apply to the case of installing new versions of the bot, when the keys must be re-entered (for Huobi - verison 2.4.1 and earlier, for OKEX - version 2.5.1 and earlier)
  • 2 years ago Add Binance: API secret key is encrypted in RAM. Attention! Previously entered BNNC keys on the 'Connections' page must be re-entered.
  • 2 years ago Update Binance: free balances are transferred as netAsset, i.e. free - borrowed - interest. Thus, free balances for individual currencies can have negative values.
  • 2 years ago Update After successful execution of forced deletion (not to be confused with forced closure), the cache of orders for this quadropair is also automatically cleared in order not to leave "pennies". Thus, if the user uses again this quadropair in the future, he will start from 0 on both exchanges. In case of forced closure, the remaining "pennies" will be taken into account when placing new orders, i.e., for example, with a balance of 0.0001, which cannot be closed, a new order will be placed not at 0.1 (custom volume), but at 0.1 - 0.0001 = 0.9999.
  • 2 years ago Fixed Fixed a situation, when after clicking on [Retrieve] button on the logs page, the Arbibot hangs for a long time.
  • 2 years ago Fixed Balances from the exchanges are polled in the following cases: 1. When starting the bot (for all exchanges) 2. After the restoring the connection with backend, in case it was broken (for all exchanges) 3. After receiving a signal from specific exchange about changing of the balance (for this exchange only) 4. After order is executed (for this exchange only) 5. One time in 10 hours (for all exchanges) However, it was possible that after the user cleared the cache of orders for all quadropairs in the bot, the periodic polling (nr. 5) stopped until the first execution of the next order. Thus, in the absence of conditions nr. 1 - 4, this could lead to the fact that the balances are not polled for a long time. The defect has been fixed.
  • 2 years ago Fixed Huobi: fixed a bug with inability to determine the balance after changing connection key because of its expiration.
  • 2 years ago Update Bithumb: updated the Ping-Pong scheme based algorithm for sending and receiving messages. Stabilized connection to the exchange.
  • 2 years ago Update OKEX: API updated to v5. Attention! Previously entered OKEX keys on the 'Connections' page must be re-entered.
  • 3 years ago Add Huobi: added methods for borrowings and repays.
  • 3 years ago Add Huobi: API secret key is cryptid in RAM in order to protect it from virus scanning. Notice: previously introduced Huobi keys need to be re-entered.
  • 3 years ago Fixed Fixed a bug with mouse cursor disappearing.
  • 3 years ago Add Poloniex: added handling of the situation when the message "Nonce must be greater than ..." is returned.
  • 3 years ago Add Added Bithumb support.
  • 3 years ago Fixed Bitfinex: fixed a bug with balances, in which one of the currencies balance was reset to zero, but the corresponding message was not received via the WebSocket.
  • 3 years ago Update Huobi: trading process moved to margin account.
  • 3 years ago Add Added Digifinex support.
  • 3 years ago Update Even if there are no changes in the balances for any exchanges, their current state is sent to the backend at least 2 times a day. This condition is met only for exchanges with the "Connected" status.
  • 3 years ago Fixed Bitfinex: fixed a bug when closing sessions with a DASH_USD pair (i.e. when buying it on BITF).
  • 3 years ago Fixed Poloniex: fixed an issue when a request to cancel an order might not be executed if the system time was adjusted towards decreasing it that led to a response from the exchange "Nonce must be greater than...".
  • 3 years ago Update Changed the distribution installer, added support for selecting a directory for executable files.
  • 3 years ago Update Poloniex: the minimum amount of "small change", that can remain after the execution of orders and at which the session is considered closed, has been increased from 0.2 USD to 1.0 USD.
  • 3 years ago Update Bittrex: upgraded to the 3 version of the API.
  • 3 years ago Add Bitfinex: added DASH support.
  • 3 years ago Fixed Poloniex: fixed a bug that made it impossible to close open session on the signal.
  • 3 years ago Fixed Fixed a bug that could lead to incorrect display of the "Insufficient funds" message if the session was already opened.
  • 3 years ago Fixed Fixed a bug in calculating "% PL" (previously the coefficient was displayed instead of %).
  • 3 years ago Add Poloniex: added XLM support.
  • 3 years ago Fixed Poloniex: fixed a bug that appeared when an unsuccessful attempt to sell a previously purchased volume was made and commissions were incorrectly determined during the opening of a session (purchases).
  • 3 years ago Update Poloniex: optimized methods for working with both API and web socket.
  • 3 years ago Fixed Bitfinex: If an error occurs when calling the API method (v2/auth/r/info/margin/{SYMBOL}) to determine if the balance in the wallet is sufficient to make a sale, this procedure is duplicated by processing a similar message via a web socket.
  • 3 years ago Fixed Bitfinex: Previously, "Connected" status would change to "Online" after receiving a "ws" message over a web socket. Appeared a situation in which this message does not come or the bot skips it for some reason(this message, in fact, is sent once immediately after authorization on the exchange), now the message "wu", which is sent constantly, is also used to determine the status.
  • 3 years ago Fixed Bitfinex: When receiving the codes 20051, 20060, 20061 (Maintenance) via the web socket, the bot closes the connection to the exchange and tries to connect again within 1 minute.
  • 3 years ago Add Added handling of "System is under maintenance" message from Binance.
  • 3 years ago Fixed Fixed a bug when closing open positions on Bitfinex.
  • 3 years ago Add Developed a procedure for archiving logs for a certain period.
  • 3 years ago Fixed Fixed a bug when receiving spreads in a new format.

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