Indicators for the last 24h

Total Present
1011 QP In ARBINOX service
462 QP From last 24hrs
Highest Spread
32.60 % From last 24hrs
Median Spread
highest indicators spread up arrow 0.59 % From last 24hrs
Highest Volatility // Real Time


Top 5 spreads // 24h


Quadro Pair Spread
Top 5 Profitable // 24h


Quadro Pair Spread Est. Profit
BTFX BITF TRX USD 2.39% $ 587m
BTFX OKEX TRX USD 1.08% $ 437m
BTFX HOBI TRX USD 1.04% $ 227m
DGFX BITF TRX USD 0.45% $ 230m
BNNC PLNX XLM BTC 0.31% $ 115m
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Arbinox trading system makes you able to achieve maximum profit

The system of indicators and analysis of inter-stocks spreads allows developing effective channel strategies, and automating the trading process through the Arbinox Trading Bot to execute a stable profit for the entire time.
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Advanced Analytics

A set of indicators with real-time and a large history of inter stock spreads will allow you to develop effective trading strategies with the extraction of maximum profit from arbitration opportunities

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Alerts & Notifications

Customized for a separate Quadro Pair (QP), at specified levels of the spread, the notification system. Connecting Arbinox Telegram-Bot, for quickly receiving signals, in one click.

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automated trading platform

Arbinox Trading Bot

Full automation of the arbitrage trading process. The ability to automatically track trading signals by specified parameters with automatic verification of the state of a neutral market position.

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Portfolio Management

A unique system of control and management of stock exchange balances with the calculation of portfolio income in the system.

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analytic tool for monitoring e-wallets


Automated Trading Platform
Arbitrage Automated Trading Bot
10 trading slots
798 USD/mo
399 USD/mo
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You will get:
  • Two-legged arbitrage Trading Bot
  • Money management system
  • Portfolio management system
  • 10 crypto-exchanges, more than 1000 Quad Pairs
  • Historical Data Spreads: Real-Time, M1, H1, D1
  • Personal Telegram Bot notification
50 trading slots
1 998 USD/mo
999 USD/mo
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You will get:
  • Two-legged arbitrage Trading Bot
  • Money management system
  • Portfolio management system
  • 10 crypto-exchanges, more than 1000 Quad Pairs
  • Historical Data Spreads: Real-Time, M1, H1, D1
  • Personal Telegram Bot notification
Custom Solution

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Frequently Asked Questions
Find the answers to your questions. Our knowledge base will help you understand the management of the system as well as reveal the nicety and secrets of successful arbitrage trading in cryptocurrency markets.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency, or just crypto, is a kind of digital money based on the technology of cryptography, i. e. data encryption. It does not exist in any physical form, just electronically. Its major features are anonymity, decentralization and...

What are the benefits of the Arbinox Arbitrage Trading System?

Arbinox makes trading strategies based on the statistic arbitrage and used, until recently, only by hedge funds available to everyone. Arbinox is a tool to analyze and trade arbitrage strategies, which has been designed with individuals making...

What is Quad Pair (QP)

Quad Pair (QP) is a trading tool in the Arbinox system for arbitrage trading.
Important! Quad Pair (QP) is one of the most important elements of the Arbinox trading system
Quad Pair consists of 2 exchanges and 2 cryptocurrencies.
The first...

What is crypto statistical arbitrage?

Arbitrage is buying and selling an asset of the same class in different markets simultaneously, with the purpose of profiting on the asset’s price discrepancies. As for statistical arbitrage on cryptocurrency markets, a coin is bought on an...

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