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Impressive differences in trade strategies and their need on the stock exchange of crypto in 2020

The sale of cryptocurrencies becomes the most profitable when suitable strategies are used. Some of them can become fortunate in trading certain crypto currencies, others in trading at certain times. Often aspiring traders trade using the first strategy they have studied and do not pay due attention to differences between strategies. The success of such …

Jeremy Stone Arbitrage basics Read 5min

An interesting new cryptocurrency Ripple: a guide for investors 2020

This year was very successful for the most popular cryptocurrencies. In this case, we are talking, of course, about bitcoin and Ethereum. Despite this almost clear to everyone result, in the top three, quite unexpectedly breaks Ripple. With all this, for one Ripple, currently asking for only 20 cents, but for bitcoin about 7 thousand …

Jeremy Stone Cryptocurrency Read 5min

Binance Crypto Exchange: Full Unbiased Review 2019

Binance is the #1 cryptocurrency exchange in the world. A cryptocurrency exchange is a platform that links together traders and the market. This is where traders can make transactions and trade. Traders choose crypto exchanges according to their preferences since each platform has its own advantages, disadvantages, and operating conditions. In general, cryptocurrency exchanges differ …

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New interesting cryptocurrency of 2020 – Facebook’s Libra : overview, outlook and investor guide

For more than a year, the community has been discussing the possibility of issuing a Facebook cryptocurrency. June 18, Mark Zuckerberg said that the wait is not long. The project is being tested and, if all goes according to plan, will start in 2020. We figured out what the announced Libra cryptocurrency is, why it …

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Cryptocurrency market whales: Who are they and how do they profit on market situation in 2019!

Who are whales in cryptocurrency market?
What are strategies used by whales on cryptocurrency market?
How do whales affect cryptocurrency market?
How can an ordinary investor profit from actions of whales?

Jeremy Stone Trading Strategies Read 5min

Fundamentals of Portfolio Investment. Part 2

So, in modern markets, owing to the growth of their effectiveness, it becomes immensely difficult to gain a stable income above the market. I don’t mean to say it is impossible. Still, this will require you to be a cut above other market participants by qualification so that you can capitalize on the inefficiency created …

Jeremy Stone Investments Read 5min

Fundamentals of Portfolio Investments. Part I.

To begin with, let’s dive into the history of notion ‘portfolio investments’ and figure out the difference between portfolio investments and other strategies of investing. Before entering the markets with the purpose of investing, one has to choose the type of investments he is going to work with. There are three main options of investing, …

Jeremy Stone Investments Read 7min

Hedge Fund Trade Strategies

Hedge funds apply various strategies, and every fund manager can always claim that his strategy is unique and can’t be compared with others. However, many of these strategies can be grouped into certain categories. This helps analysts and investors to assess a manager’s skills and understand which result can be achieved using a certain strategy …

Jeremy Stone Trading Strategies Read 5min

Hedge Funds Game: Crypto Arbitrage Trading

Cryptocurrencies, like the very popular and largest blockchain network Bitcoin, followed by Ripple, Ethereum and Tether, have different exchange rates which can be quite substantial. This provides a very good platform for arbitrage traders to jump in and cash the large price differences. Arbitrage Trading: Arbitrage means buying and selling simultaneously of currency, security, or …

Jeremy Stone Crypto Arbitrage Read 5min

Crypto Arbitrage Trading Guide for Rookies

If you’ve been following the rise of Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency over the last several years then you may have started looking into crypto arbitrage trading (and traditional cryptocurrency trading as well). The truth is, the processes tend to look quite complicated for those who haven’t tried them out before but those who …

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